Bring my Light outdoors. = )

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Re: Bring my Light outdoors. = )

dmbsurfer wrote:

I am currently using my EL BXRI 500(bought from Elinchrom) outdoors with my Tronix Explorer Mini(bought from Innovatronix ) and I am doing great. However, I am thinking of buying more powered flash and battery since I am going "further" into my Photography (more adventurous locations and longer photo shoots).

Can you guys recommend some brands? I need tested ones not rumors please. Thanks!

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Sailor Blue is correct that Buff units are quite nice and if you're dissatisfied with thr 500BRXI units you should give them a long look. And the VML is quite nice. But you're not going to gain more power than what you already have. Even the bump from 500 watts to 640 is modest.

In truth, you're not giving enough information for any useful information beyond "pick my favorite brand, please."

Do you just need a spare battery, second battery pack or small generator to extend your shoots and what do you consider "adventurous?" And what's you budget and weight limit? What are you willing to write off when accidents happen or wear and tear takes its toll?

Buff changed its policy on saltwater damage to the VML (coincidentally shortly after a buddy of mine had his cart with a VML and Bee 1600 totaled by saltwater.

Maybe you need a pack and head system produced by the likes of Hensel, Profo (a rental house and industry standard for a reason) or Elinchrom.

Based on your limited information, that's all I can suggest.

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