FZ200 - A couple of Woodpeckers

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Re: FZ200 - A couple of Woodpeckers

Mikedigi wrote:

RudyPohl wrote:

sherman_levine wrote:

You and Rudy are both getting better-focused images than I am. My best get to about your level of detail, but the average certainly do not.

Do you have any particular "tricks" related to focus?



Hi Sherm:

Some focus tips...

1) Fast shutter speeds.

2) Use smallest spot focus.

3) Use AF/AE lock button before pressing shutter.

Why use AF/AE lock button, doesn't the half-shutter-press do the same thing? (I've got autobracketing on FN2)

Other things I've heard:

Macro AF is slower but more accurate?

Getting higher magnification at lower pixels (e.g. iZoom in iRes, or Ez Zoom on FZ8/35/38/200) helps camera to focus on small targets? (FZ200 appears to give me 2342 mm EFL at 3 MP?)

Timer 2 sec to avoid button-press-shake?


Hi Mike:

I just like the control that the AF/AE lock button gives me. I can move the camera around and recompose and still retain the focus and exposure, this way I can have my main subject dead center when I get my settings locked but then move it according to the rule of thirds.

Regarding iZoom and iRes: they appear to do a pretty decent job and if I didn't have a TC and shoot in RAW I would use these features a lot. iZoom and iRes do not affect the RAW file in any way, no additional up-scaling and no sharpening.


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