Your thoughts? Creepy, but very legal, street photography

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Very weird

DenWil wrote:

Huntington Beach Pier (which is at street level, at the intersection of Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway in Southern California) has twin staircases at the base of the pier going down to the beach/ ocean level. Thousands of people a day up and down. MWC sit on the sea wall all day long with their 70-200s and shoot whatever their fancy - be it 13 year old boys or buxom babes- coming down the stairs to the sand and put zero effort into disguising their actions.

They're just pervs. At least your pervs keep it on the down low.

I know it may seem like I'm the little boy that cried wolf by claiming that I'm one of those guys you're talking about, but it's really true.

HB is a great spot, especially during the surfing events there. And, you're right about all the guys with cameras there. Some of them even creep me out. I have some pics of some of those guys. I've been keeping track of some of these guys, just in case it might come handy in the future.

The reason this is really weird is because the OP was talking about a guy in Sydney, and I just happened to be there at the time. Then you mention HB, and I often shoot there as well. I know some people will completely dismiss this as being too far-fetched, but, I have to admit I'm even surprised by this. But I can prove it if people want some pics.

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