trying to photograph kids indoor with 6d

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Thomas Kachadurian
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Re: trying to photograph kids indoor with 6d

I just upgraded from t3i to 6d. I am not a good photographer, to say the least. but I make that up by taking a huge number of pictures. 6d is probably an overkill for me,l but I love taking pictures so I bought it. I think I can still send it back. I was concerned about the slow AF. I do take pictures of kids running around, on the beach, roller coaster. I do not need to capture their every movement - I understand it is not possible with 6D.  However, I assumed I'd be able to take at least few sharp pictures. I figured 6D would do the job. The still portraits come out fine, however when I asked my son to run around the house the pictures came out horribl. I might have as well used my t3i

is it me or 6D is really so bad i can't even get one shot of my son running around at a relatively slow speed? I tried the same pictures with 430ex- even worse. Would Mark III do a much better job or should I get 7D? Am I just a very bad photographer who has no idea what he is doing?


You don't need more equipment. You need to learn about the technical facts of photography. Spend your money on classes.


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