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Re: Help choosing flash setup.

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Hi Sailor Blur,

That post was really good, I favourite it. Thanks in advice.

I did a second hand market research and found a Yongnuo 568EX with a nice price. What you mean about amatour quality? It's que quality of light it provides or quality constrution?


The quality of construction of the Canon and Nissin flash units means that they are less likely to fail when used by a professional, i.e. when knocked around during travel, if dropped, or used for tens of thousands of flashes. Amateur quality flash units are still going to give you a good quality of light but are simply less ruggedly built and probably won't last as long.

If you are serious about shooting skateboarders then I'll strengthen my recommendation that you use four Neewer flash units with an umbrella and a RF trigger. Using multiple hot-shoe flash units will allow you to shoot close to or at the sync speed and close down the aperture sufficiently that you should get a fairly dark background and little or no ghosting. In fact, you may be able to shoot with the flash units at 1/2 or 1/4 power, which will reduce the flash duration considerably.

By going this way you will be able to get the entire setup for less than $200, which is less than the cost of a single Canon flash.

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To the OP: You might want to look into firing multiple flashes off of 1 RF receiver by using a PC cord hub instead of optical slaves. This will save you a bundle of money unless of course, the flashes you are using also have built-in optical triggers. I use Vivtar285's and Cactus V5 RF triggers. From what I've read these triggers allow the fastest shutter speeds. In other words, the shortest delay between trans and receive.

The RF tranceivers come with PC cords and a hub only costs a few $$.

I think its already been explained to you but for each doubling of flash power you also halve the shutter-speed thereby stopping action all the better.


This is a one way to go but if the OP uses multiple flash units that are spread around to light a subject from several directions at once. The problem with cords is that they are always tripping hazards.  I simply prefer buying extra budget priced RF-603s so you don't have a spiderweb of cords to trip someone up - the price isn't all that much higher and it is a much neater solution.

If the OP places 2 or 4 of the Neewer TT520s in an umbrella there will be more than enough light from one RF controlled flash to fire the others via their built-in optical slaves.  This was the setup I had in mind.

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