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Hoefie wrote: I just purchased some YN622c TTL triggers for Canon. I have a 60D and some 430EXii speedlights.

With a YN622c transmitter connected on top of my camera, will the camera "think" that there is a speedlight connected on its head ?

How will the camera know that the actual speedlight is not on the camera, but instead is off camera ? I'm afraid that if the camera believes that the trigger is an actual speedlight connected on top of my camera; and therefore it will calculate the wrong exposure setting in TTL mode.

The camera knows only that it has a Master in its hot-shoe, so does its normal Canob flash things. The camera does not know whether there are any flashes, or one or more remotes, with or without an 0n-top flash. Just as when say a 580EXII is mounted.

The camera gets feedback from any flashes when on cue they fire at 1/32 power and the light meter reads the light reflected by the subject.

Canon have been implementing E-TTL for over 10 years. The design handles all these variations.

You may find the info in "The Other YN-622C User Guide" to be helpful:


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