Epson R3000 & Cone Inks

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Re: Epson R3000 & Cone Inks

wgosma wrote:


I just had to write a short post here. I just installed a set of refillable cartridges in my printer loaded with inks from Inkjet Mall (John Cone Inks). This ink is AMAZING in terms of output quality, superior to Epson OEM inks. It took me 45 minutes to fill each of the printers 9 cartridges, no muss no fuss - very easy to do. Downloaded ICC profiles for my 2 Epson papers from the Ink Jet Mall site and did a test print - superb is all I can say! Now instead of $30/cartridge for OEM Epson my cost is about $7 each. Highly recommended!


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Unless you purged all the ink feed lines by running quite a few cleaning cycles you still have OEM ink being printed.

Bob P.

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