HSS if shutterspeed is lower than 1/250s

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Re: HSS if shutterspeed is lower than 1/250s

Hoefie wrote:

How will a Canon 430exII behave if it is set on HSS and the camera shutterspeed is lower than max sync speed (eg. 1/250s or slower) ?

At x-sync or slower, the Canon camera automatically defaults to 1st curtain.  It will not invoke HSS on the 430EXII.

I'm asking because I just purchased some TTL triggers (YN622c), and I notice that when I power up the triggers, the transmitter is put by default on HSS (even if my shutter speed is lower than 1/250s).

Usually, HSS can be left on so that you can shoot at higher speeds when needed. The 622C is not involved in the auto switching between HSS and 1CS; that's the camera's job.

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