D600, 6D at ISO6400

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Re: D600, 6D at ISO6400

rwbaron wrote:

t.c. marino wrote:

...hmm canon users obsessed with nikon cameras?..both cameras have near identical high iso performance with a very slight edge to 6d,d600 compares very well despite have slightly more mp and renders slightly more detail images and much better DR than 6d and 5d..also noticed 6d shots brighter than d600 at same settings ..what's going on?..maybe 6400 not really 6400 on 6d?

Likely a difference in light transmission between the two lenses or neither camera is truly ISO 6400 but possibly the Canon is closer to it than the Nikon. Most likley a combination of the two but hard to say from this test.


fair enough,both cameras are truly stellar.i'm a nikon guy(d700/300s/d600).. i was curious about the 5d3 and was fortunate to be able to borrow my friends 5d3 for a paid shoot and was very,very impressed with it..and would pick the 5d3 over 6d and d600.. also noticed that canon cameras produce warmer,more contrasty images than nikons..not a big deal for me..i dialed them down a bit in lightroom as i prefer more neutral colors,both companies building some excellent cameras.happy shooting

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