5D Mark II Noise Issues (even at low ISO)

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Re: 5D Mark II Noise Issues (even at low ISO)

Gparks wrote:

I understand. I have no reservations about my amateur status. I would like to know, then, what should/could I do, to make this beginner-nitpicky syndrome go away and really start exposing properly, as well as lighting my scenes better? I've spent countless hours doing the whole tutorial/research shpeel (SP?) as you may have heard from hundreds of other beginners.

I've seen videos like this:


And think, "what am I doing wrong?" or even worse, "is there something wrong with my camera?"

It's really torture.

Thanks for your help so far.

-Also, I usually review my work with full brightness, in full-screen. Bad/good idea?

Is that considered microscopic?

Yes. By full brightness I assume that you mean your monitor adjustment. That is a bad idea. You should NOT adjust your monitor to a non-normal viewing state. Calibration is best, it's likely that the white/red noise specks are a result of these settings since I could not detect any such artifacts present when viewed on my system. My advice to "getting over it" is to shoot as often as possible. You will get better and your understanding will increase and this will show in the amount of Good Useable shots that you get.  Would you expect a musician to be good if they ONLY played during performances? No, they rehearse and practice ad nauseum to get good and then to stay good. That ethic holds true for photography/videography as well.

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