Instead of guns, worry about drones.

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Re: Instead of guns, worry about drones.

Princess Leia wrote:

CraigWestly wrote:

Check it out:

The Drones are comming.

I can see a future where drones are ubiquitous and many of us will own some of them for sport or photography. But drones can carry a few other things - besides surveillance I worry about grenades, single-shot zip guns, acid and other sundry objects. Imagine someone sitting on the veranda sipping his breakfast orange juice, suddenly faced with an evil drone. Say it fires an ice slug from a shotgun shell. No evidence. You were never there. People will get creative.

You heard it here first: DRONE VIOLENCE. No need to even GO to the school. Send in the drones.

Any technology can be abused. 3D printers are starting to be a problem already and they aren't even popular yet. There are always freaks who will sour a good thing.

Government is buying all the ammo and according to AG Holder, Obama has the power to use drones to kill AMERICANS IN THE UNITED STATES so get ready....

Whoa slow down, you missed it, they are coming for you to help us out of our misery with you around. I am also wondering, as you have your head so far up your dark smelly hole, take a look around, do you see G. Gray, PhD4 or CraigWestly there? Maybe rjjr or Nightwings, Henry Showboat?

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