More D7000 back focus. I thought this issue was dead!?

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I've had my D7000 for 3.5 months and thought a lot of my wide open pictures were slightly blurry because of user error. I finally decided to do some lens fine tuning last night to see if backfocus was my issue.

I'm always surprised how slow folks are to test their equipment. I test each new lens and body within the first day. It only takes a few minutes to confirm focus or determine if the lens or camera is out of spec. Glad you finally decided to check. Here is a good tutorial...hope your didn't check in dim light that can be problematic regardless of lens or body make/model. Good Luck

I agree Mako - I either test them in the shop before I pay for it or get agreement with the store that I can return it within a few days if I find something wrong. In Australia we don't have the generous return policies that others enjoy in the USA.

I can still remember the amazement of the staff  when I went in to a store in Hong Kong (back in the '80's) to pick up a couple of RZ67 outfits. I had built an electronic shutter speed tester and took it in and tested every single lens to check the accuracy of the in-built shutters. (I dug it out and attached a photo of it below)

A year or so ago I bought a second D7000 and a few primes from the same store in Hong Kong  that I'd dealt with for over 30 years. I went through 3 bodies (all had dust spots on the sensor) and 3 different 20mm/f2.8D lenses over a couple of days. For some strange reason all 3 of the 20mm lenses back focused. I eventually took the body with the least dust spots and the 20mm with the focusing error and then calibrated it when I got back to Australia - it took about -11 from memory. Interestingly the 20mm lens had no back focus problem on my original D7000. I had never had any previous focus issues with any other DSLR which included 2xD80's, 2xD90's, 2xD700's and 1xD7000 with any of the 25 other AF lenses.

I think one of the key factors in overcoming these QC issues is finding a good reliable store (or stores) that you can trust to resolve any problems. We're pretty lucky on the west coast to have one of the biggest (and best) pro photography stores in the country and they seem to have a bit more 'clout' with the manufacturers and distribitors.

Shutter Speed tester - ranges included seconds, milli-seconds & micro-seconds

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