D600, 6D at ISO6400

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Re: Thanks, That is interesting, also White Balance are a bit different

ZAnton wrote:

So I will try to clean the sensor sometime in the future.

The last time I cleaned a sensor was on my 10D.  Never had an issue with my 40D, 50D which is 4 years old or my 7D which is now 3 years old.  Tens of thousands of actuations and no need to clean any sensor and no interest in having to do so.  My sensor cleaning days are over.

BTW my 10D had grease or oil on the sensor from the mirror box and it was a royal PIA to clean off.  Multiple cleanings with a variety of cleaners only smeared it around and made it worse.  I finally worked with the people at Visible Dust who helped me get it clean using two of their products but all in all it took about a dozen cleanings and then there was one spot near a corner that I just couldn't get.  The good thing with the 10D was once I got the grease or oil off it stayed relatively clean after.  I was amazed with how effective the sensor clean strategy Canon adopted for the 40D was and it's only gotten better with the 50D and 7D.



Good luck and I mean that but sincerely hope it's not the PIA for you it was for me.


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