More D7000 back focus. I thought this issue was dead!?

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Well said!!

Kerry Pierce wrote:

As soon as I determined the extent and breadth of the camera's issues, the d7k went to Nikon service. Parts were replaced and the AF and defocus control were adjusted. That means, no matter what you think of my methods, that there was a significant problem with the camera, ie the AF system was defective and miscalibrated from the factory. That is the salient issue.

Never said it wasn't a hardware problem with your camera. Only saying you can determine that much earlier in the only takes an hour at most and would have saved much time and pictures. The process is just as accurate as Nikon's and will speed up the process of getting the camera fixed. Folks will be well served by learning how the AF-Fine tune process works and how to use it effectively.

Whether or not any given lens needs AF fine tune, is a distinctly separate issue from the issue of defective AF, regardless as to the severity and type of defect.

Of course. That's kind of obvious. There is also the body vs lens tolerance issues that can come into play with neither being really out of factory spec but still unacceptable.

This lens is soft

The d7k isn't the first camera with AF fine tune, so we'll have to agree to disagree that the user should have seen that as a sign that rigorous testing would be required.

Very first consumer level camera with it. The D7K does in fact focus more accurately and have more focus capability than the D40,50,90,70,90,5100,3200,...etc.

I don't understand your point about Nikon and 3rd party lenses. 3rd party lenses are a fact of life, whether or not Nikon likes them. I said nothing about Nikon supporting them. I simply stated that they changed something with the d7k that rendered some of my 3rd party lenses unusable, which is certainly a point that any 3rd party lens user should know and consider, when doing any AF testing.

Agreed, just suggesting that the issue is not a point against Nikon but a consideration when using 3rd party lens.

The bottom line is that I agree with you, that all new Nikons should be tested, rather rigorously and correctly, as soon as is reasonable and practical for the owners.

Yes, that really is the point I'm trying to hammer home to folks here. It applies, IMO,  to all bodies and lens by any manufacture. Tech is changing rapidly.

My experience with my d7k suggests that cursory testing, as I'd been doing for years, is no longer an adequate measure. There are good resources here that new owners should utilize to their long term benefit.

Exactly.  Well said!!

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