Samsung could kill the competition in 2013

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Re: I have the same opinion but for much different reasons Re: Samsung kills no one

Jorginho wrote:

Let's see. It is simple: if the bodies will become as good as the lenses, the future will be much better.

I would just like to add something to your statement. if Samsung releases a much better body at much faster pace than the rest, the future would had been better for Samsung since 2010.

my biggest criticism about Samsung is that they have been quite late with their sensor development and has been late with their lens availability as well. I think Samsung only came in with new lenses more than a year (roughly 2 years to be exact) after they came out with their first NX camera. the mirrorless concept and small sturdy body did intrigue me but didn't create enough interest for me to consider getting or investing in the system. the sensor in the NX5 was still very good then and still even good in today's standards. but the problem was that it was still premature and an offshoot design of their 2008 sensor. those 2 factors definitely wouldn't attract anyone at all.

how I got into the NX system is more of a chance encounter rather than real interest in the system. I bought the NX100 + 30mm combo back in an inventory sale selling the combo for $200. the camera was an ugly design if you are going to ask my honest opinion about it but the ergo/UI was great. I bought it as a gift for someone that I end up keeping for myself instead and bought another one for that colleague. I think that Samsung should be thankful to it's 30mm because it was the greatest saving glory/achievement and lifeline for the NX system. it alone virtually saved the system, IMO. without it, I'm not sure where would the NX be right now considering it was the only one lens that the NX have worth considering.

I would say that if Samsung only doubled/tripled their effort with their sensor in 2010, the Sony NEX system would had been playing catch-up instead. imagine if the NX200 sensor came out in 2010, and with proper marketing, that would had made waves across the camera market. right now it is playing catchup with camera development. the lens releases so far are more than satisfactory compared to 2010 and other camera manufacturers recently.

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