Just got a chance to try Dedolights

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Re: Just got a chance to try Dedolights

thanks you all guys for your questions and discussion. didn't have a chance to answer. thanks Peter - he explained the situation.

that set up was a combination of 150w (DHL4) and 650w (I believe DHL 650) Dedolights.

I heard a lot about  this brand earlier but it's insanely expensive here. may be I have a reason to buy a couple, but it's not even a matter of justifying the expences - it's just unaffordable. suddenly I found a studio with a reasonable price (actually the price of any other studio with the regular strobes).

couldn't resist. that was a very first experience with this type of light. I liked a lot the ability of precise controlling everything: the spot, the focus, the dimmer. might be I was lacking some sort of very light diffuser, because I sometimes liked the shape of lights but was totally disappointed with the harsh shadows. well..this equipment is very demanding and challenging. and it pushes you to a new level if know what you need.

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