HSS if shutterspeed is lower than 1/250s

Started Mar 6, 2013 | Discussions thread
RobertMartinu Contributing Member • Posts: 696
Re: HSS if shutterspeed is lower than 1/250s

Hugowolf wrote:

Even if it doesn’t, all you are losing are a couple of stops from full output, but you would be losing a lot of action stopping from the shorter flash duration.

You lose those stops because you're blasting the light into the shutter blades. Below sync speed they don't obscure the sensor, so you face only electrical losses(those are negligable, below the normal margin of error).

The stopping power would take a hit otoh, its not a single burst of light but a series of stroboskopic flashes creating multiple exposures after all.

To test whether the setting makes a difference just shoot a ventilator in front of a black background. Preferable at lower power settings like 1/8 to avoid flash duration induced blur.

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