More D7000 back focus. I thought this issue was dead!?

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I've had my D7000 for 3.5 months and thought a lot of my wide open pictures were slightly blurry because of user error. I finally decided to do some lens fine tuning last night to see if backfocus was my issue.

I'm always surprised how slow folks are to test their equipment.

Guilty. Guilty.. Guilty... I've used a Nikon dslr since 2004, 10 in total. I never worried about rigorously testing any Nikon body. I was a so-called "beta tester" pre-ordering the d70's, d200's, d300's and d700, when they were announced. They worked right out of the box, the way they were supposed to work. PDAF is not a new feature and Nikon certainly has (had?) the expertise and experience to make a reliable dslr with PDAF.

True...first time though using these Pixel densities and the very first time a AF module like the 4800DX was tested first in a consumer body. Folks should have noted AF-Fine tune was included and taken note.

My "testing" procedure of a new body has always been a brief run through of all the various components, usually taking less far less than an hour, ending with snapping a bunch of different shots in the house, ensuring that both screwdriver and AF-S lenses work.

And it may have caught you this time. As noted, many firsts with the only takes a second to see if AF-Fine tune can improve your pics. Well, 5min anyways.

All that changed after my purchase of the d7k, which was within a couple days of my purchase of a used d3s. Both cameras passed my initial indoor "snapshot" tests. It wasn't until a couple of months or so later that I got both outdoors and had my initial indications that the d7k AF wasn't working as it should.

Was it actually outside fine tune settings?

I test each new lens and body within the first day. It only takes a few minutes to confirm focus or determine if the lens or camera is out of spec. Glad you finally decided to check. Here is a good tutorial...hope your didn't check in dim light that can be problematic regardless of lens or body make/model.

Well, I performed that kind of test, if I understand your method, and it didn't indicate an issue with my d7k.

If the test was done correctly and indicated no fine tune required...then it was good to go. That test, done as indicated is as accurate as Nikons own test setup. It is easy to modify it to test different distances and light conditions.

My d7k has issues with some of my 3rd party lenses, because Nikon has changed something in the newer models.

3rd party lens issues I see as a totally different horse as I simply see no reason for Nikon to conform to their standard vs Nikon's own.

Otherwise, it had inconsistent AF issues, primarily at medium to long distances, so it didn't always produce failure, regardless as to the maker of the lens.

Then did you or did you not actually test for focus calibration? It really is ether on or foo...identifying when it is off (quickly) and Having Nikon fix that is key and the point of the two methods I advocate for checking.

I'd suggest that your testing method won't always find possible issues, unless you are also doing a number of consistency shots, at the full variety of distances from MFD to infinity, as well. Inconsistent focus issues aren't so easily found and resolved.

As soon as I see an issue, I test for it. If you had suspect pics and did not...then you wasted time. I have indeed checked my lens across the spectrum. I recommend anyone getting soft pics do the a timely way. It really is a simply thing and fast when done as outlined.

As soon as my d800 arrived, I spent several hours, over a period of several days, performing a very rigorous set of tests on the AF alone. It was the first Nikon that I ever felt the need to do that, but it won't likely be the last. I find that rather sad.

Yep, the tech has reached a point.....still, when adjusted for inflation we get far more capability at cheaper prices than ever before!!!

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