Which lens is best for indoor events & general photograph: Sigma/Canon 17-50(55) or Sigma 17-70?

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Re: Which lens is best for indoor events & general photograph: Sigma/Canon 17-50(55) or Sigma 17-70?

Sovern wrote:

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Sovern wrote:

Hey guys I'm looking for a good fast lens for indoor use and outdoor use as well that is fast, produces nice bokeh, and does not have AF inconsistancys.

I have a simple question. At what focal length does the 17-70 go from being F2.8 to F4? Are there any reviews for the new Sigma 17-70? Finally, is the Canon 17-55 2.8 Significantly better (as in will I notice the difference in 8X12 prints) than the Sigma 17-50 HSM?

I'm in a lingo right now because I do not have a fast general usage zoom or rather any zoom at all......I primarily shoot portraiture and on the side I shoot paid events.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this post and all the best.

Right now I'm only using the Canon 85 1.8 and a borrowed 18-55 a long with a 40mm 2.8 pancake (which I'm selling to find one of these zooms).

I love the 85 1.8 but I need something that can go wider and ideally it would be a zoom because nothing can touch the 85 1.8 bokeh wise on crop so I'm already set with a good portrait lens.

if you had two cameras, I'd say sigma 17-50 OS for $600

two cameras needed at minimum to photograph an event in case a shutter goes

so instead - I'd recommend spending the $649 plus and extra battery and a few cards on T4i + 18-55 ISII:


I'll be selling my LNIB 35 F2 to fund the sigma 35 f1.4. It is nice, light lens and sharp wide open, but I'm looking for the extra sharp stop

Thank you for your response. Actually I will have a second 40D when it comes time to shooting the upcoming event(s). It looks like I'll be going with a used Canon 17-55 2.8 IS USM as I found a few used on KEH.com for just over what a brand new Sigma 17-50 costs which is quite the deal.

I'll be using the 18-55 in the mean time for outdoor photography and will probably keep it as a backup.

17-55 is nice, good deal

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