What is the maximum ISO you're comfortable shooting (and what camera)?

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Re: ISO Speed 3200 and up

ARShutterbug wrote:

To determine what "most people" use would require an extensive survey.

This is true. "Most people" and "most DPReview forum posters" are very different groups. I really wanted the later (or why post here), and I know it's not a scientific survey, but I've already learnt that most forum users here seem to be shooting higher ISO than I, and using Topaz Denoise. That's valuable information to me, and helps me grow and try new things as a photographer. It may even delay a camera purchase, which is nice as my funds are far from infinite. If I wanted a more scientific survey I'd have to go to a lot more trouble, and for my practical purposes it wouldn't gain me much.

Again I thank everyone participating, and to you ARShutterbug for allowing me the opportunity to clarify what I wanted.

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