Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 G AF-S ED

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Re: To the OP

Thanks for the info

I have all three of these lenses. On a D300, the 24-70 is sharper than the 17-55 and the 17-55 is sharper than the 18-200. I would, and have, used the 24-70 and 17-55mm for paid work.

that's what i assumed.

You will probably find the 24-70 to be too long on a DX format camera

oh!!! what a pity

The 17-55mm is still, in my opinion, the best all around lens for a wedding, and other people events. From my experience, I don't believe the 17-55 is a poor, or lower quality lens.

i see. but not what you would call the best lens for FX - so a future dilemma in the making, FX wise.

I will at some point get an FX body and have the D300 as back up so it makes sense to get FX lenses from now on.

That would be a reason to buy the 24-70. Very good on FX and DX.

The 17-55mm would be poor choice on FX.

a shame

well food for thought, thanks

so what i really need is an 18 - 500 f2.8 IF VR III ED micro with perfect IQ that is small, light and cost lest than a grand. oh well a boy can dream. Only Mr. Scott can break the laws of physics.

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