CS6 on 30" Dell monitor hurts my eyes!

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Re: CS6 on 30" Dell monitor hurts my eyes!

The menu bar font size is ridiculously small and has been since about CS4. Typical of the disinterested response on Adobe's part is the moderator's reply in similar threads that he has no problem with the menu bar font and that anyone with a sufficiently crisp monitor should not be having issues either.

The linked thread above contains this gem from the same mod / apologist: Many professionals prefer small controls and minimal chrome to make more room to work on the actual image, and in many panels there are a LOT of controls all squeezed in. That's probabl.y how Photoshop got to the way that it is.

Here's a shot of the difference between CS3 and CS5

Note that the menu bar is even larger in CS5 than in CS3 (so much for preserving screen real estate) but the fonts themselves are significantly smaller. Increasing the UI font size in PS will make the pallet text larger but it does nothing for the fonts in the menu bar. It is somewhat comforting to note that the drop down menus themselves are large enough to be legible, which is good because they are likewise unaffected by the UI font preference.

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