D600, 6D at ISO6400

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Re: Thanks, That is interesting, also White Balance are a bit different

schmegg wrote:

ZAnton wrote:

in the low light there are much less blue colors, so if you shift WB to colder colors, more noise is visible. And all your D600 photos are "colder".

But anyway, the difference is extremely small. Considering immence difference of DR at low ISO, I would still choose D600.

Also I got D600 500 Euro cheaper than 6D at that time.

Nikon are indeed extremely fortunate that there are people such as you about. Otherwise, going on their quality control, they'd be in real trouble. Hehe.

Seriously though - they are both great cameras. But there is no way I'd choose a body with known issues. I've got better things to do than deal with camera issues. If, however, I was already invested in the Nikon system, then I'd probably wear the hassles and stick with them. But I wouldn't be happy - and it seems quite a few are not.

You are an exception, of course.

It seems Nikon has a handle on the problem now


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