More D7000 back focus. I thought this issue was dead!?

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Re: More D7000 back focus ----- Stuff Happens.......

Kerry Pierce wrote:

But, the problem with the d7k AF issues is that it isn't "normal". Most d7k's apparently focus just fine. But, that doesn't help the user who owns a d7k that doesn't AF properly. The user has to seek help, if he doesn't know how to determine whether or not the camera is operating properly. There are a number of users here and on other Nikon sites, that can and do help users figure out what they need to do to determine the cause of their problems

The problem is that ideal focusing should be an operation that requires high skill on the part of the user, and low variability on the part of the machine. Sort of like chess.

The problem with some samples of the D7000 is that it's sort of like poker; even if you have high skill, there is high(er) variability in the machine, so pinning down what's going on can be a challenge.

If you think you have a problem, just like poker, you have to pay attention to what's going on with you yourself, to isolate one variable, and then you have to play for a period of time to reduce the chance of random variation influencing your perception of the matter.

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