Underwater housing for RX100

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Re: Saw the Meikon on eBay but decided just to get a Dicapac for my more limited uses

I was wary of the dicapac, too. I used an old Canon S70 in a dicapac (rather than my RX100) while snorkeling for the first time last fall on Maui. Having got the hang of using it, I would not hesitate to use my RX100 in one.

That said, I would prefer the meikon or ikelite because it is easier to control the camera. While snorkeling last fall, I set the camera, put it in the bag, shot, and went back to shore to review the images. Then I made changes to the settings and repeated the process. It was difficult to do anything to the camera, other than press the shutter, while it was in the bag.

If I were to shoot underwater more than once every few years, I would certainly ditch the dicpac in favor of a dedicated housing.

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