whts better for macro? reverse macro ring? or extension tube?

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Re: whts better for macro? reverse macro ring? or extension tube?

Limburger wrote:

Reverse ring would be better because it changes magnification, tubes only change the focus distance and give you close up but no macro.

What do you mean by this statement? I can only assume that you mean something totally different by the terms 'reversing ring' and 'macro'  than any I have ever come across.

There are two types of reversing rings.

One is used to mount one lens on the front of another one, acting as a very expensive close-up lens. Depending on the combination used this can give magnifications greater than 1:1.

The other type is typically used in combination with extension rings or bellows. Depending on the total extension this can also give greater than 1:1 magnification.

The traditional definition of 'macro' is that the image on the sensor (or film) is at least the same size as the original subject. So a 5mm long image of a 5mm long ant would be a macro shot.

But there is more to it since with a reverse ring you can't change your aperture anymore.

Why? If you have a lens that doesn't have an aperture ring then that is the case, but even nowadays I'd guess that the majority of interchangeable lenses have their own aperture controls. If not, suitable lenses are readily available from older cameras.

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