The US won't have mirrorless? (Sans Mirror)

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Re: Interesting observations

sdw1 wrote:

I research and buy online - so big chains don't matter much.

Displaced IL / IN Boy to VA for work reasons...


Exactly my take. Go to Amazon and you'll see that most of the reviewers there are patently American, at least by their English.

So in a way Internet buying does not respect brick and mortar sales, which are obviously local.

Possibly if there was no Ecommerce we wouldn't even have a site where to discuss. In a way it is a nation by itself. Some niche  companies might have lifted off and survive only because of the Internet, which is cross borders.

This perhaps helps rebalancing the OP. Although there are different native cultures, in Internet buying we might be more similar than different. Or at least we can discuss our choices.


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