More D7000 back focus. I thought this issue was dead!?

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Re: More D7000 back focus ----- Stuff Happens.......

Well sir, you're not the only person that has had this issue, within recent times. But, that's one of the reasons that this forum is valuable.  You can read about your particular camera and any issues that might be involved.

Your notion that the d7k AF issues are no more, is simply the product of internet "truth".  The d7k has a poor reputation for AF in many circles, not without good reason, IMO.  Nikon's QC on the d7k is less than sterling, too sloppy, apparently.

I recently reported my experiences with d7k AF repairs, in this thread.  I got quite a bit of feedback from other users, stating similar experiences with the d7k AF on recent bodies.

But, the problem with the d7k AF issues is that it isn't "normal".  Most d7k's apparently focus just fine.  But, that doesn't help the user who owns a d7k that doesn't AF properly. The user has to seek help, if he doesn't know how to determine whether or not the camera is operating properly.  There are a number of users here and on other Nikon sites, that can and do help users figure out what they need to do to determine the cause of their problems.

It isn't that Nikon doesn't know how to make d7k's that focus properly. The issue apparently is that their QC isn't up to the very high standard that it used to be and more defective d7k's get out the door than should.


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