Help me choose my first tripod?

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Re: Help me choose my first tripod?

Kuppenbender wrote:

I find ballheads to be much easier to set up and use than 3-way pan and tilt heads like the one that comes bundled with your tripods.

In the higher price bracket, a lot of people choose ballheads made by specialist ballhead manufacturers such as Markins, RRS, Kirk or Arca Swiss. Medium sized ballheads from the companies go for around $300, which I imagine is a lot more than you intended spending.

Yeah, $300 for the head alone is definitely more than I'm willing to spend at the moment. Not until I know what my needs are. I'll look at the budget brands you mentioned.

Have a look for some of the budget-priced heads from Sirui, Benro, or for a little more money, Feisol or Photoclam. I have a Photoclam pc30 which is very well engineered, but may be a little too small for your equipment.

My camera body is a Nikon D5100 and I usually use a Nikkor 40mm lens, it's quite little. I have a less-used 55-300mm as well, though. Is it too small for either of those?

In my opinion 3-way pan and tilt heads are more suitable for video when you might want to lock one or more planes of movement.

By 'more suitable' do you mean they're actually not good for still photo, or would it just be overkill?

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