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Re: MX-1 DxOMark Test Up, and? K-01, 40mm XS for 360 Dollar

petreluk wrote:

rusticus wrote:

is certainly a good camera, but at present you can buy a K-01 with 40mm f2.8 XS for $ 360 -
So why should anyone buy an MX-1?

Each to their own of course but the MX-1 is a compact camera, simple as that. The K-01 is noticeably heavier and larger and it comes with a single focal length (a zoom would make it larger still). I have both cameras, FWIW, and in the MX-1 I wanted a simple, fairly light, not too expensive camera with everything "all in one" - no add-ons or lens changes needed. In the MX-1 I get that but with the trade-off in sensor size. When I want something more substantial then I'll get out the APS-C big guns and all the gear which tends to go with them but it won't be a casual walk any more. But for the daily round out and about, a cam like the MX-1 is just fine for me.

Totally agree.  I'm a Nikon DSLR shooter, and as much as I like the images from the K-01, the last thing I want to do is start with yet another lens system.  When these forum "sensor size experts" that we hear from every so often who start calculating and proposing that "well for $499 you can get an EPM2, which has a larger sensor than the MX-1" or "the K-01 is only $399", I have to wonder if they think I'm not aware of these other cameras.  I know there as small discounted ILCs.  But as a DSLR user, who also has a mirror-less camera, is it really practical to start with a third system camera with a third lens mount?  No.  I'm interested in a compact for it's size, it's fixed zoom lens and it's smaller sensor and deeper DOF.  IQ on all of these cameras these days is so outstanding, choosing a camera is really just a matter of picking one with the features, price, and look that you like.  I know all about high ISO performance, IQ differences, etc.

There's no shortage of other cams which will do just as well as the MX-1, of course, and perhaps better in some cases providing you're prepared to pay more - at which point compacts like this stop making a lot of sense, financially anyway, as you're in 1"-sensor or m43 territory. But since I know and like the Pentax controls and menus, and since its image quality seemed as good as any in its class (bar pixel-peeping crazies), the MX-1 was an easy buy for me.

I almost bought a silver MX-1 the other day, but I'm having a hard time deciding between the X20 and MX-1.  It's VF vs tilt-LCD.  They both have their advantages.  And one day, I like X20 sample images better and the next MX-1 sample images look better.  But, at some point, I may end up with two compacts.  

Bear in mind that in a retail stores, cameras tend to be separated into genres. Someone looking for a compact camera might never go to the separate display area where larger, APS-C cameras are kept. So for a buyer walking into a store, the choice of MX-1 versus K-01 size might never present itself.

Personally, I used to use the DA 40 2.8 Limited  (not the XS) on my K-30, and it's a great lens, wonderful IQ.  But 60mm is kind of a strange focal length for a normal lens.  It's a bit too long for my needs, as much as I like the lens.  The 28-112 on the MX-1, is an extremely versatile range, and the fact that the lens is so sharp and bright is a definite plus.

By the way, I've seen all of your MX-1 images on Flickr, and they are some of the best MX-1 pics available.  I like the HDR image, and even though I'm not a JPEG shooter, that seems extremely useful.  And the B&W images look fantastic.  All the best and happy shooting, Markus

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