Underwater housing for RX100

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Got one!

The housing arrived yesterday.

DHL service was fast and smooth as expected. No problems with customs, they accepted the screen-print from the Alibaba Escrow as proof of payment, just as DHL promised.

The packaging was a bit spartan, with only a protective cloth-bag to protect the housing within the (double) cardboard box but it arrived in perfect condition.

The housing is just as the photos show it. What is not so obvious on the photos and is a pleasant surprise is that all small parts (buttons, levers, springs) have very good finishing, look high quality and fit the camera almost perfectly.

Compared to my old Olympus PT-022 housing for C-770, it is less massive with thinner walls and less extra space around the camera making it less bulky. I do not know how the recent Olympus housings look in that respect but at the time I purchased it I saw that Cannon housings had thinner walls too so I guess this is not an issue.
All the buttons perform smoothly and the shutter button can be pressed half way down with precision.

I did not have much time to test it though. Did only the basic bathtub test (no leaks, of course, ha, ha, ha :-D).

I am not sure if I will have enough time to test it more thoroughly this weekend unfortunately. I hoped to write a "preview" before my trip next weekend but I will definitely not have enough time for that.
I will, however, write a "full" review when I return.

At this point I can say that the Meikon-42 housing appears to be a very good choice for a very affordable price.

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