Canon Powershot SX50 for Wildlife?

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Re: Canon Powershot SX50 for Wildlife?

GEwart wrote:

I think this is difficult as I think you might be disappointed by the output from SX50 compared to your Canon DSLR though it has many points in it's favour. The image stabilizing of the SX50 is remarkable taking a movie at 200x digital zoom it's possible to keep the image steady handheld, pity that frame rate at full HD is only 24fps though

I think you might be pleasantly surprised at the effective noise control up to 400iso and even beyond.

We all need that 1200mm reach with this camera for birds and wildlife though because of that tiny sensor cropping images is not something you want to do to retain any detail in a subject.

Not disagreeing with any of this generally, I'd just like to add a bit of perspective on the last paragraph...

Distance from your subject is crucial to resolving detail with any camera regardless of lens or sensor size. You simply must get sufficient "pixels on the bird" if you want to capture fine details. To bring the same subject as close in the frame with your DSLR as the SX50 can, requires a large, heavy, and very expensive lens, which will also be considerably more difficult to hold steady. But neither solution will work well at resolving feathers and fur if you can't get close enough.
In good light at reasonable distances, the 1200mm reach of the SX50 can be very hard to match with larger gear, even with cropping. And the pixel level IQ of the SX50 is easily the most "cropable" amongst the currently available superzooms, imo.

All the images in our SX50 gallery are cropped... and many are quite deeply cropped:!i=2395850827&k=v7KMsWX

Hope this is helpful,


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