Monitors viewing comfort : CCFL backlighting versus LED backlighting ?

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afterburn wrote:

But this is a public forum where people voice opinions to questions. My reply was my opinion and I even indicated it was my opinion. You don't get to chose which opinion is crap and which is not because nobody has absolute truth, not even you. Each opinion, right or wrong, is equally valuable in a discussion. The whole idea of public forums is that you can get enough different opinions to form your own, not that everybody agrees with everybody.

If you don't like or can't handle other people's opinions, don't go strolling on public forums. Have a good day.

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Gijs from The Netherlands
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Contrary to your opinion, all responses to a question are not equally valuable in a discussion. Your initial post is a great example of a response that adds little to the discussion.

You made a blanket statement based on your opinion. The reality is that not all CCFL displays are crap. And I can back it up with facts, not just an opinion based on my limited personal experience. (Which is why I didn't mention that after 2+ years my NEC CCFL display does not have any of the problems that have been noted as being associated with CCFL backlighting.) I have links to myriad websites that detail the benefits and liabilities of both kinds of displays, as well as reputable reviews of LED and CCFL monitors.

I provided information so the OP has a better idea about his options so he can make a decision based on his requirements, not mine. My opinion about CCFL vs. LED backlighting (which is evolving rather than being set in concrete...) didn't enter into my suggestions about how the OP can resolve his dilemma.

This forum would be a lot more valuable for people seeking help if more participants would take the time to offer constructive responses instead of seeking validation for their opinions.

Een goede dag verder!

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