glossy monitor screen versus matte?

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Re: glossy monitor screen versus matte?

The point is not having to struggle with your environment lighting set up in order to getting rid of the annoying reflections. Besides, the purpose of a laptop is 'portability' (did I have to say that?). That means I carry it to places where I have no or little control over the lighting conditions. If I have an options, why should I have to buy a glossy laptop and then having to struggle with the reflections.? Besides as the other poster mentioned, even in a completely dark environment, there is reflection from the laptop's own display light which lits my head and face and I can see it in the screen.

Overall my experience is that in about %80-90 of situations, the reflections are at an annoying level so the little gain on black levels in a glossy screen is greatly counteracted  by the reflections. I also have the impressions, I loose the details in dark areas of an image on a glossy screen which is another drawback of glossy screens.

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