D600, 6D at ISO6400

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Re: Thanks, That is interesting, also White Balance are a bit different

Timbukto wrote:

ZAnton wrote:

Would you clean a sensor for me twice if I pay you 500 Euro?


Thats it, why can't you clean it for yourself?

...but I would not warranty my work or give guarantees of a spotless sensor upon your testing of further actuations however. Nor would I guarantee to completely fix any of your problems. And it might take me awhile to ship it back to you because I am busy.

Boy if I actually warrantied my work I would get a raw deal. You could easily claim I did not do an acceptable job coming back with photographic evidence of more spots after a few shutters. Than I am royally screwed because I might than also need to buy very expensive parts and engage in many hours of training or be out of my skill set to replace your shutter and at that point I can already see you getting angry and asking for your money back.

Sorry but I could have easily seen myself shooting Nikon already if it was not for a pretty costly and big issue with the D600. There is a f11 airshow picture with tons of spots on it sitting on the FX forum right now. Sadly it is not only the whiners that confirm an issue but the act that I see issues in every narrow aperture shot from owners just posting their work. It is both the spots and the act that Nikon cares more about sharper corners on primes than reducing axial CA and the fact that Canon might be a little more advanced with AF lately. I like MFA interpolation on zooms for example. Not sure if CA also increases focus shifts either.

Also make sure you are not comparing purely MSRPs with purchase price but putting into account actual street pricing along with resale value. Over here lowest street price of authorized warrantied new 6D kit is currently LOWER than preowned list prices on my local craigslist.

The thing is, you take the worst of D600, and I take mine or average.
I do have some spots, seen at f/16 on the very side of the sensor and they can be moved with a blower, => it is dust, not oil. Since I shoot under f/8, and mainly f/2.8, I could not care less about it.

Those horror shots are really single cases and probably has occured on the very first cameras, moreover lately D600 as well as D800 are reported to have no issues.

The thing is, when I had 5D2, I never used it at f/16, so I have no idea if it has "dust issue". On my old 350D when I shot at f/16 or so, the was hundred times more dust then on D600.

About AF. There are 2 sides of the medal - engineer and user or "reasonable".

From engineering side it is really cool to focus at -3EV, from the user side I shoot at home at iso3200, f/2.8, 1/30s. D600 sharp-focusses easily at those conditions, so I am happy. If it gets darker I get flash anyway (with its af-assist light), so I don't care what camera can get focus inside the ass of a man during the dark night.

What is more important - getting outer focus points. And here D600 is better. Of course there is 5D3 with stellar AF, but I am not going to pay 1500 Euro extra on that. (and D600 has notably better sensor).

So I will try to clean the sensor sometime in the future.

And for you ther is an old spelling: "Не that fears every bush must never go a-birding" 

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