How long does it take for fungus to develop? 24 hours?

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Re: How long does it take for fungus to develop? 24 hours?

chakari wrote:

It looks like a real but useless camera ... it's gutted!

From the listing: "[....] looks all in order. Nothing is missing."

There you have it, it's very clear; seller is either stupid or a blatant cheat.

Seems it was "free" ... as bait to push the sale of a useless lens.

Claim your money back for that lens, or chalk it up to experience.

I'd open a case: "[....] item is covered by eBay Buyer Protection."

This is the reply I got:

"I hate to say this but I dont believe that the photos you sent are of the lens I sold you. In my photos you can see right through the lens and there is nothing like in those pictures. As you stated you have bought many lenses recently and could be doing the buy and switch I have read about on ebay chat."

I guess she didn't notice the serial numbers.

The she says she doesn't want me to send the lens back because I might be sending a broken lens that was not hers, so she can't resell.

Damn. Opening a case

Thanks guys,

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