Which bag for Leica one Leica M and one lens only? Please share experiences

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Re: Which bag for Leica one Leica M and one lens only? Please share experiences

In regards to the Leica neoprene case that the OP mentioned, for those interested, I'd avoid it and go with the OP/TECH USA rangefinder soft pouch. I own both, and the OPTECH is less than half the price of the Leica, fits my M9 better, uses snaps rather than velcro, and it actually uses waterproof neoprene.  The only advantage that I see with the Leica case, outside of the "logo," is that it has a small space to put a memory card.

I took both of these cases and poured water into the lens area and let is sit.  To my surprise, the water immediately seeped right through the Leica case, but only slowly dripped out of the seams of the OPTECH case without out seeping through the actual neoprene.  Neither is waterproof, but the OPTECH is much more water resistant.  To be honest, I'd choose the OPTECH over the Leica if they were the same price, so the OPTECH is a no brainer at $21.

The nice thing about either neoprene case is that they fold up pretty nicely, so you can quickly take it off of the camera and put it in your back pocket.  I think it is a great solution, if you're a single lens shooter who doesn't need to bring anything else along.  Just a Leica on a strap.

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