Rare monster zoom for my 5N :D

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Re: Rare monster zoom for my 5N :D

neonexxer wrote:

cptrios wrote:

Heh I've always been very intrigued by this lens but never had the nerve to actually buy one. Please let us know how the IQ turns out!

Will do Its dark out where I am now. Tomorrow, I plan on taking it out with the SAL1650 for a shootout at their overlapping FLs. Stay tuned!

Here ya go, here's a couple to start with.  Tamron was shot full manual exposure and focus.  All shots are at F2.8 for now since this is why I bought this thing in the first place.  (I'm trying to upload more test snaps to my gallery, but its been at "Queued" status for over an hour now)..


Here's the Tamron wide open at 28mm.

And now the SAL1650, also wide open at 28mm:

SAL1650, 28mm (but seems a little narrower than Tamron), F2.8

(While I'm writing this, I can't tell if you can see the above in full size... the ones I'm sticking in my gallery now will though)

As soon as my DPR gallery upload is complete, I'll post the rest.  For now, I can say the lens isn't going to win any MTF chart contests.  Center sharpness is usable, certainly sharp enough for me, but never takes your breath away.  OK for portraits, and very useful for video - just as I had hoped.  Contrast is low (and might seem even lower than usual in the shots I post because I have contrast dialled down -1 in for better video PP work).  My copy seems to be decentered as well, with a consistently smeary right edge.  Corners and mid-centers are weak, even at F8... this is no landscape lens. Absolutely unusable for this purpose (I haven't shot this past F8 though... thats a separate test, but I've better lenses for this purpose!)

AF is OK, but it misses often enough that I'd rather MF for anything needing spot-on focus.  MF isn't too bad, but the focus ring is an odd, plastic thing that could have longer throw and feels cheap.  Again, I'm reasonably happy with this for video work.

I could go on and on... but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves (as soon as they clear DPR's loooong queue today!)

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