OK Mr Samsung show me the APS-C

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Re: OK Mr Samsung show me the APS-C

We are talking about cameras here. I seemed to have touched a raw nerve. I did not realise the RX100 meant so much to you. To me they are just machines, how insensitive of me.

EX2f is a very nice camera but Samsung may not sell many though sales of cameras are very difficult to assess, especially in the Far East and Russia where Samsung are bigger. Sales are no reflection on quality anyhow. All these cameras nowadays are pretty matched so I do not think any particular model has an overall advantage. Large sensor or fast lens, you takes your choice.

ET2 wrote:

Greynerd wrote:

It is hype when you read exactly the same thing posted again and again. We do know all this stuff by heart.

Calling facts facts is not hype.

The f4.9 in the Sony is very unappealing.

It's faster than Canon S series cameras (especially S95) that were far more popular than any Samsung camera ever made (combined).

Do not forget that Sony are unique in that they are prepared to lose shed loads of money every year so developing exotic one off cameras is no problem. The other makers have to keep their feet on the ground.

If Sony is losing money on a popular camera like RX100, then Samsung must be losing 10 times more on cameras like EX2. You are blowing hot air out of your ass.

All this is irrelevant discussion anyway. I responded to your original post where you said you haven't seen other companies coming up with 1" sensor compacts. Well, duh. It takes two years to design and mass produce a camera. Wait for Photikna 2014 before you see a response. Until that happens (and it will), RX100 rules that market That was the original topic.

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