So cropped sensor will change DoF right?

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Re: Water is not light ...

Tom2572 wrote:

Photozopia wrote:

Tom - you still haven't replied to my image and your claim that smaller sensors are noisier than FF/35mm.

What format was the image taken on?

The answer to your quiz doesn't matter. Static subject, stationary light, any camera could have taken that shot. Give me a tripod and enough time and I'll give you an iPhone pic of an orange lit with nothing but a candle 30 feet away.

The point was that at a given exposure a larger frame sensor has, on average, less noise than a smaller frame sensor, but since you think that, given the same rate of rainfall, a small cup will record an inch of water before the side of mountains will then I wouldn't expect you to understand how light works.

You said APS was always noisier than FF .... not me .... now they all work the same.

For your info - image was hand-held @ 1600 ISO - not the tripod fixed 100 ISO you would like it to be.

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