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Re: LX5 or LX7

Ray Sachs wrote:

[...] I remember when I first got an LX5 a couple of years ago and realizing that it was far more capable in almost every way than ANY film camera I'd ever owned with one exception - it can't do narrow DOF like an old SLR with a basic 50mm lens. But other than that it was as good a camera as I'd ever need. And the LX7 is that much better in terms of the lens and controls, and even the sensor seems slightly better too. Great little cameras. Of course I have some higher horsepower gear now too and I love that stuff and the amazing capabilities it has, but the LX7 always reminds me that I'd do just fine if that was the only camera I owned.


It took me about six months to get to grips with the LX3’s capabilities, so I guess I’m going take a bit longer with the LX7.

But it probably took as long to master my first simple 35 mm film camera. I had to judge the subject distance, and set the focus manually; judge the lighting, and decide what combination of shutter and aperture to choose; film was graded by H&D, ASA, DIN, etc., so another choice had to be made; with monochrome film a choice of filter might be needed, and the exposure adjusted accordingly; at night I started with magnesium foil, before getting a flash gun and having to choose appropriate bulbs and calculate the right aperture for the subject distance and the chosen bulb. Then there was the darkroom work to consider…  Today’s cameras make life soooo much easier!

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