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SirSeth wrote:

SD is ubiquitous and found in many pro cameras. XQD might be the bees knees, but it's unbelievably expensive and only found in the D4. It's not always the best ideas that "win" the market and go on to success.

It's expensive, yes, but the prices are only going to fall. As for SD, even the "95 MB/s" cards can barely reach 40 MB/s on a D800 (and 20-25 MB/s pretty much everywhere else), while CF cards can easily double the speed. Is that fast enough? It depends on how picky you are and how many megapixels your camera has; should the E-7 have a 20-24 Mpx sensor, we're talking about a second of write time per photo with SD (since it's highly unlikely that the E-7 would have a controller the speed of D800). Shoot a burst or something bracketed, and the time adds up quite a bit.

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