Some questions on em5 movie mode

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Re: The clicking is the sound of the aperture adjusting

texinwien wrote:

Your best bet would be to film in manual mode with a fixed aperture. Fiml in SF+MF focus mode - use SF to get the focus right before you start recording and MF for fine tuning and/or for changing focus while recording, as necessary.


+1. it's caused by auto-exposure (P/A/S). Use manual exposure (and manual focus) to record movie.

Go to Menu - I. Movie - Mode. Choose "M".

Then when you record the movie, choose the mode to Movie. Obviously, you need to manually set the shutter speed and aperture. Since I did that, i never heard any clicking noise anymore. Note: from what I've observed, it only happens to Panasonic lenses on Olympus body.

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