Let me explain why Sony is better than Nikon and Canon

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Sebastian78 Regular Member • Posts: 109
Let me explain why Sony is better than Nikon and Canon

I've really haven't got anything "important" to say and even if the subject line IS a little "cruisin' for a bruisin'" from the Nikon/Canon users who lurk here, it's actually quite true. Sony is better than Nikon and Canon, it's a simple fact.

The angst ridden fanboy mentality, which I am caught up in quite often, is really nothing more than the result of simple group think and the need to justify or perhaps more to explain why I've spent my money on a certain product or certain brand. It's connecting emotions with inanimate objects. If this wasn't the true, a simple comparison of specs would determine which camera was better. But people quite often overlook facts in determining if product A is better than product B. Since people sort of have mushy feelings for their products, they will feel that their Sony/Canon/Nikon is better than something else, even if the facts say the opposite.

To get recognition or acceptance for letting feelings triumph over facts, we have a little group think in play. I say my Sony is better than this guys Nikon and the other Sony guy says I am the speaker of truth. Simple maths, two against one. Then the Nikon guy seeks out other Nikon guys and they say those Sony guys are way off. Two against two, stalemate. It's very important for people to feel that they belong and that they are part of something bigger then themselves. Voila, Fanboy Mentality is born.

I can't say what made my buy my first Sony DLSR, that's kind of obscure. But each day since then, my Sony Fanboy mentality has increased. Each aspect of my camera I deemed positive, increased my Faboyishness. The negative I just let myself forget. It's takes something really bad and major design flaws to turn on your own feelings. The longer you have been a fanboy, the more it will take to dislike your brand.

This is what makes me happy with the camera I have and each time I use my camera I bless the day I bought ut, patting me on my back commending myself for being brilliant. I'm a genius!

In the end, specs doesn't really matter (when you have enough of them that is). I have frieds with pro Nikon gear and they take shitty pictures. But then again, they wouldn't take good pictures with a Sony either. It's the guy or girl pointing the camera, what he sees and at just the right moment who decides to press the shutter button who decides if a picture is any good. Specs will only determine the quality of the image, but not the greatness of the photo.

I just replaced my A300 with the A65. I'm in love, it's amazing, it's so fast, it smaller in size, I can use the same battery, my flash fits, it looks great and it's a Sony. My Sony A65 is the best camera in the world, dagnammit!!! After the FW update, it's even FASTER.

Psssssssst.............I'll tell you a little secret, I got the Sony A300 because it wasn't a Canon or a Nikon. I like it when people say "Oh, it's only a Sony". I like it when Nikons laugh at my hotshoe. It's different and by wanting to be different and stand out, I had to belong. I like Sony for being the underdog, getting a Nikon would be too easy

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