OK Mr Samsung show me the APS-C

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Re: OK Mr Samsung show me the APS-C

It is hype when you read exactly the same thing posted again and again. We do know all this stuff by heart.

The only trend that I can see is to get faster lens in compacts. My EX2f compliments my m43 stuff nicely so I cannot see the need for the 1" sensor which is neither here nor there. In fact the sensor in the EX2f is so good that my old Pens need primes to keep up with it. Definitely the camera I use indoors with no flash. The f4.9 in the Sony is very unappealing.

Do not forget that Sony are unique in that they are prepared to lose shed loads of money every year so developing exotic one off cameras is no problem. The other makers have to keep their feet on the ground.

ET2 wrote:

Greynerd wrote:

ET2 wrote:

Greynerd wrote

The trend for larger sensors in zoom compacts since the Sony RX100 has not really changed the scene in camera design as we have seen no manufacturers bringing out similar large sensor zoom compacts. 1/1.7" rules the roost.

It takes a couple of years to design and do lager scale production of the camera. RX100 did completely change the landscape, but it came as a shock to other camera makers. They will release their own 1" cameras, but that takes time. RX100 is not even one year old.

Have any manufacturers actually said it came as a shock to them?

You really think that everyone was going to openly announce it came as a shock as they are trying to release and sell their 1/1.17 sensor cameras at the same time?

It is difficult to know the reality when the RX100 is hyped so relentlessly across all the forums.

It's not "hype" RX100 is the same size as S100 (smaller than most compact cameras) but has a sensor that is 4 times larger than S100.

What's hype about that? Canon's S90/S95/S100 were one of the most popular Canon compact cameras (even more than G series, due to pocketable size). There is no hype about the fact that Rx100 kept the same size, same form, but was able to squeeze 4 times bigger sensor That changes the game. Canon will rethink S series, but obviously it's not magic It takes time to develop and do large scale production.

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