What is the maximum ISO you're comfortable shooting (and what camera)?

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Re: What is the maximum ISO you're comfortable shooting (and what camera)?


Between ISO 100-1600 I treat all values as acceptable (though obviously will bias to lower ISO if I can and still get the right shutter speed/DoF for the shot) and those are my Auto-ISO settings on the rare occasions that I use it.

If absolutely needed handheld I will go to 3200 or 6400 (but that's after hitting wide open and 1/f.l. limits - If I think I can (light lens, no caffeine or alcohol recently) I'll try 0.5/f.l. first...

My mental algorithm is something like:

  1. ISO up to 1600, shutter and aperture optimum for shot
  2. Aperture wide open (this or the shutter first depending on whether DoF or freezing action is more critical)
  3. Slower shutter (down to 1/f.l. (or VR limit; I subtract one stop from the claimed reduction to be safe))
  4. ISO 3200
  5. Shutter to 0.5/f.l. and brace (also burst mode!)
  6. ISO 6400
  7. Give up!

I seem to remember reading (DxO?) that the limit of sensitivity on the D7000 (i.e. anything higher is from signal amplification) is about ISO 1200, and that 1600 is the closest whole stop to the cross-over point after which most characteristics (e.g. DR) fall significantly below ideal...

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