Disappointed with the 55-200

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Disappointed with the 55-200

As a current Nikon DSLR user who misses many shots because I don't feel like lugging around big bags all the time, I was (and still am) hopeful that the X Series would allow me to upgrade on IQ and "old fashioned" manual controls and build quality, downgrade on bulk but without paying Leica prices.

So far I haven't purchased any body yet since I wanted to get more visibility on how the lens road map would materialize. What I know is that I am getting an X100s very soon as my everday camera.

Besides that I want to complete a more comprehensive travel set that is portable, flexible (not too many lens changes) and covers everything from UWA to zoom. I was looking at either 2 combinations:

10 - 24, 35 and 55-200 or

14 , 18-55 and 55-200

as for the body I was going to wait what this year was going to offer in terms of XP2 / XE2.

Now having read the data sheet of the zoom lens, I am lost. 580 grams? Seriously?? Not even talking about a healthy balance btw body and lens but that's as much a Nikon 18-200 or a bit less than a Canon 24-105 lens weighs. I know we are not comparing apples with apples here and don't consider body weight, however looking at the overall weight that would go into the luggage, it does matter a lot! Not even mentioning that I'd need to be compromising on what range each lens covers (tele for me is more for occasional use). Now I might consider an alternative set excluding the zoom and going for 10-24, 35 and 56. In any case, the X series now only has the potential to become a full-fledged set if they offer a different tele zoom or a prime at 90 or 100mm...

I also get the feeling, the lens roadmap is not the best thought through set of lenses (they had the chance designing them from almost scratch). It rather has a few interesting options in it, such as rather fast primes, a what seems great mid zoom, an unusal format for the UWA zoom etc, a pancake for portability. But there are many overlaps (eg if someone has the X100s and the 2 wide zooms, you cover the 23mm 3 times). I think they missed a great opportunity to build a unique USP for their system for new users but rather focused on bringing out qualitative products (body and lens) that certainly have a lot of appeal but once locked in doesn't offer consistent solutions. This makes you buy more lenses eventually but ending up with similar weight than a normal DSLR and the inconvenience of more frequent changes - or in other words unsatisfied consumers over time (or missed new ones).

I really hope there will be an updated roadmap soon showing the 2014 lenses as well plus more visibility on pricing, specs and dates for this year. In the meantime I hope the likes of Zeiss focus on creating real competition (rather than just copying the Fuji lenses, making them a bit slower and more expensive) by filling the niche with some attractive AF options for the X mount. It'd be for the benefit of all of us...

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