MX-1 DxOMark Test Up

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Re: MX-1 DxOMark Test Up, and? K-01, 40mm XS for 360 Dollar

rusticus wrote:

is certainly a good camera, but at present you can buy a K-01 with 40mm f2.8 XS for $ 360 -
So why should anyone buy an MX-1?

Each to their own of course but the MX-1 is a compact camera, simple as that. The K-01 is noticeably heavier and larger and it comes with a single focal length (a zoom would make it larger still). I have both cameras, FWIW, and in the MX-1 I wanted a simple, fairly light, not too expensive camera with everything "all in one" - no add-ons or lens changes needed. In the MX-1 I get that but with the trade-off in sensor size. When I want something more substantial then I'll get out the APS-C big guns and all the gear which tends to go with them but it won't be a casual walk any more. But for the daily round out and about, a cam like the MX-1 is just fine for me.

There's no shortage of other cams which will do just as well as the MX-1, of course, and perhaps better in some cases providing you're prepared to pay more - at which point compacts like this stop making a lot of sense, financially anyway, as you're in 1"-sensor or m43 territory. But since I know and like the Pentax controls and menus, and since its image quality seemed as good as any in its class (bar pixel-peeping crazies), the MX-1 was an easy buy for me.

Bear in mind that in a retail stores, cameras tend to be separated into genres. Someone looking for a compact camera might never go to the separate display area where larger, APS-C cameras are kept. So for a buyer walking into a store, the choice of MX-1 versus K-01 size might never present itself.

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