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A Good thing though. Picked up a 85mm 1.4 for a steal (about $600 but with the price I usually have to pay to get Samsung lenses here it was actually like buying it for $400). I had to use all my 45 funds though so I won't be getting that this year. I'm not dissapointed though as this lens is amazing. I'll have to do further testing but so far this seems even better than my Leica-R 90 2.8 and thats a fantastic lens to begin with (and its 2 stops faster). Its also much better that the 60mm (unless you're doing macro) and actually quite a usuable focal length. When paired with the 30mm its making all my 50mm manual primes unecessary. Well worth considering if you're planning to stay Samsung.

I'm happy for you that you are now able to enjoy this lens. I saw two listing selling for $450 and $600. the cheaper one had no box (open box, probably a demo) and one with the complete package. I'm not sure if the 45mm would still appeal to you in the future especially that you now have the 85mm.

The 45mm is extremely light, easy to take along anytime, so I see plenty of appeal for that lens even if one has the 85mm Also, the 45mm makes for more intimate portraits and is very good for pet shots (you can keep an appropriate distance to cats and dogs, for example). I just got the 45mm and it's better than the Canon 50/1.8 image quality wise, would appear to be sharper and has less CA (and the Canon actually is *good* for it's price, even though many snobs do not appreciate it). And of course, another nice thing about the NX 45mm is, is that focus accuracy beats an ordinary DSLR + 50/1.8 lens (to which I'm used to).

I would love to get the 85/1.4 one day, too...

Actually have that Canon and love it so the 45mm sounds great (maybe Christmas). The 50mm focal lengths have been my favourite till now and I was worried about the 85mm would have me at odd distances but the more I use it the less strange it seems. The weight is also not really an issue and I actually find it helps me steady the shot. I was actually quite dissapointed with the 60mm (last Christmas present) as I found the lens lacked the sharpness of the 30mm and any of my manual focals, it also had more lateral abberations than I've ever seen on a macro but at least these corrected well in post. The size was also awkward (the 85 weight makes it better). I spent month deliberating between the 60 and 85 and eneded up choosing the 60 because it was cheaper and closer to 50mm. I wish I hadn't as unless you're specifically doing macro the 85 is the better choice. Just wish they had released the 45 last year when they were supposed to.

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