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Re: E-7 Wish List

Asuming there will be no equivalent HG/SHG glass for the E-M5/7 Line soon.... And no 14-150 weather proofed version for the OM-D either... Nor a adaptor which will focus 43 very well

Would love a body which somehow could handle both. But prefer one dedicated to 43, to keep it a bit more sturdy.

Roughly the size of the OM-D with horizontal grip or the old E-1 with as much dials on the outside as possible. The same tough, ruggedness of the E-3, but smaller, lighter. The main reason i started with oly, rugged and small (well kinda) and great good colors). Yes would not mind a OM-D with just a 43 mount.

Camera strap luggs on all 4 corners (the embedded strong ones like the E-3, not the ones sticking out like XZ-2) .. Makes it easier to wear diagonal straps, using backpack straps.

A nice hard rubber skin to keep it nice but not looking to nice,

I realy want a 100% silent camera, so no mirrors flapping around shutter noise etc, EVF will do fine, even the advantage of zooming. Preferably a tilting one (like i had on my Minolta 7i/A2) Somehow people do not notice you when you look down in your camera...

Sorry i want an onboard flash, i know they are lousy, but better as having nothing at all.. A sun-hood with integrated Led's dedicated for that lens that would be real nice...

In Camere wireless flash preferably without rising the main flash (so maybe a small translucent part in front of it. A focus assist light which is not a strobe....

Strobe flash while making a photo, no problem if that is on a dedicated external flash).

Touch screen lcd

Flip-out rotate reverse lcd

Backlit buttons

Any sensor better as the one in my E-3 is already fine, but of course would not regret a 30mp 256k iso noise free beast...

Auto-Calibrate of Lenses... (someone wanted to use a combined contrast detection for this).

GPS, either build in, or the ability to talk via bt with a gps...


Oly already has an app for the iphone/ipad, maybe extend it to talk to flickr, picasa, make sure you can keep raw raw...

Double CF slot, with an adapter for SD (or whatever), no issue if you can simply take it out as dock and replace it by something else..

Everything of the OM-D IBIS, Filters, etc

In camera HDR, DOF stacking.

Canon DEP (take 2 focus points calculates diafragma and focus point for best DOF)

Focus limiter on all lenses...

Option to create and name your own filters/modes...

A realy working C-AF

No AA Filter... Would be nice if they did something so you can also do IR

In Camera ND filter

In Camera charging via USB... / A Camera charger which can charge via USB, so you can adapt to the numerous battery packs out there which charge usb devices and have 10A on board...

On the realy weird side

Make the sensor tilt/shift for correcting lines (buildings)

Macro: Make the sensor go 0.5-1.0-1.5 cm back you lose part of the ibis function but your lens will focus a lot close for macro shots. Its like a build in EX-5-15 more is not handy, will make the camera to deep and the ex25 is to much and therfore not that usable on a lot of glass...

But again, if they just take the E-5 and bring it reasonable up to date, i will be happy... Otoh if they fix the 43 adaptor i will most likely get an OM-D instead. Would be very disapointed if they did both within a couple of months without any notice... The E-7 is scheduled for aug-sept, probably dec... So most likely i will wait on the first field experiences and get it somewhere this time next year...

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